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  • Название товара: GP2015/IG
  • Производитель: Microsemi, Mitel, Zarlink
  • Категория: RF приемники и передатчики

Miniature GPS Receiver RF Front End

Миниатюрный GPS ресивер

Есть на удаленном складе

Характеристики компонента
Zarlink /Mitel Semiconductor Inc. GP2015 (GP2015/IG)
• Ultra miniature TQFP package
■ Low Voltage Operation (3V — 5V)
■ Low Power — 200mW typ. (3V supply)
■ C/A Code Compatible
■ On-chip PLL Including Complete VCO
■ Triple Conversion Receiver
■ 48-Lead Surface Mount Quad Flat-Pack Package
■ Sign and Magnitude Digital Outputs
■ Compatible with GP2021 CMOS Correlator
Применение компонентов:
• C/A Code Global Positioning by Satellite Receivers
• Time Standards
• Navigation
• Surveying
Информация для заказа:
The GP2015 is available in 48 pin TQFP package to Industrial (-40°C to +85°C) grade.
GP2015 IG FP1R Industrial — Plastic 48-pin TQFP
 The GP2015 is a small format RF Front-end for Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. Equivalent in performance to the GP2010 but in a TQFP package, this
product is suited for size-critical applications as the RF area can be reduced by a factor of two to three using miniature surface mount passive components The GP2015 is designed to operate from either 3 or 5 Volt supplies.
The input to the device is the L1 (1575.42MHz) CoarseAcquisition (C/A) code Global Positioning signal from an antenna (via a low-noise pre-amplifier). The output is 2-bit quantised for subsequent signal processing in the digital domain. The GP2015 contains an on-chip synthesiser, mixers, AGC and a quantiser which provides Sign and Magnitude digital outputs. A minimum of external components is required
to make a complete GPS front-end. The device has been designed to operate with the GP2021 12-channel Global Positioning Correlator, and DW9255 SAW filter, both also available from Mitel Semiconductor.
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