RADAL микроэлектроника - поставщик электронных компонентов без посредников


We supply electronic components directly from Asia and Europe. Only original products from manufacturers and official distributors of microelectronics.

We work with LLC and private entrepreneurs – legal entities on non-cash settlement. We accept applications by phone, fax, e-mail. The most convenient and fastest way to place orders is to send applications through the site.

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Доставим любые комплектующие под заказ

We deliver any parts to order

Доставим любые комплектующие под заказ

If the necessary goods are not in stock, we will offer you its delivery from All over the world under the order. We will promptly process your request and immediately let you know the delivery time and the exact cost of the components. The delivery time of orders is about 2-3 weeks.

Please note that many positions are limited by the minimum order amount. A number of components are released by our Chinese partner only in multiple-packed quantities.

Information on the minimum amounts of orders and their multiplicity is provided on an individual basis.

box We provide high-quality and reliable packaging of goods
We will transfer the completed cargo to the carrier company
car We will control the quality of the transport company
Before shipping, we carefully check the ordered parts for the marriage. In case of detection of a defective product, we will bear all costs.

Selection of replacement, analogues

If we can not provide the electronic component you are requesting due to the removal from production or any other, we will select for free the current replacement available from manufacturers / distributors / suppliers for free.

Replacement is selected individually, taking into account such factors as the current possibility of its production, the uniqueness of products, etc., whether it is the selection of a full functional equivalent, a pin-to-pin replacement, or an analog similar in characteristics. The customer is sent all available information on the replacement, description or technical specification.

Pickup of components from the warehouse

If your company has its own logistics service, then the shipment of the goods is possible from our warehouse. For more information on self-delivery, please call.